How To Change Safari Background Image On iPhone and iPad

Hi IOS Users! did you get a new update and wanna know How To Change your iPhone or ipads Safari Background Image? the new feature-packed ios 15 included so many features. on the main browser, safari has also got many new innovations as well.

change background image safari ios iphone opad

The New Safari is a more perfect looking one while comparing with the previous one! to make it much more stunning they also added the background image as well, if you want to change it you can simply change it to any other available background from the settings. you can also select any of the photos available in the camera roll too.

The background changing feature works like you change background images on your home screen. the new safari included more accessibility features for its search and bookmarks can be easily usable to the users now. both iPhone and iPad settings will be the same, so all the steps provided below can be used to change the background in both devices.

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Although in this new look of safari browser some users are a little bit confused on how to change its background and use their own one from the camera roll. if you are one of them don’t worry we are here to solve your problem. changing the background is a really simple one and it can be followed by any of the new ios users as well.

How To Change Safari Background Image?

  • First, open up Safari on iPhone/Ipad
  • Then tap on Tabs option shown at below right side
  • Now select Start page and select edit after going down
  • In the edit options you can turn on Background image
  • After that confirm any of the images to set it as background!
  • After selecting Exit the page and check it again!
  • Now you have changed the safari background image successfully!
how to change safari background image on iphone and ipad

Before doing all of the steps mentioned above please make sure you are running the latest version of ios 15 or later. if you are not make sure to update it to see these new enhancements in the safari browser app.

Here you can also check the following video tutorial provided below,

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