Disney College Program Acceptance Rate 2022

Everyone knows that the Disney College programs and internships are excellent opportunities for everyone, but the acceptance rate of this program is lower compared with other programs. although people will try to get placement and internships there. they recruit every year and receive more applicant requests from all over the world!

Disney college program apply acceptance rate

This program recently has been closed for a while but right now they are going to start it again! if you are wondering about knowing all of the details about this and earning by doing an internship, here you can check out all of the details regarding this!

if they select you after passing all of the interviews and tests held you are very lucky because their acceptance rate is said to be only 15% – 20% only. for example, if they receive a total of 60000 applications for a year they will only select 3000 applicants only according to their brilliance and performance on the tests. it will take some weeks to review all of them.

What is the Disney College Program Acceptance rate?

Mainly this Disney College University program is only available for students or residents in the united states! they will provide payments as well for the internships. many university students take this as a big opportunity to earn well, and experience the Walt Disney World resort!

if you have been selected by the committee you have to pay a fee to continue there, according to their website the fee will be set below $500 USD. it should be paid immediately after the recruitment. then should have to accept the payment of 14$ USD per hour.

What are the requirements for Disney College Program?

make sure you have completed at least 18 years and have great communication skills in the English language. the student should have completed at least 1 sem from any us university college or completed any degree before.

the student must be very active and confident according to the job assessments provided by the members of the team. you have to move quickly from one side to another location inside the campus as fast as you can because they will change it anytime.

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the applicants must be available or free to work at any period of time even on Sundays or Saturdays. if you have a good GPA or marks they will get more preference as well. while doing the programme make sure to acquire united states work authorization because they don’t provide this from their side. here you can also check out more details

How to Apply for this?

you can easily apply for it from their official career website from here from the home page you have to enter the program name or by providing the job id – 1014000BR held in the resort first and select the “Apply now” option. then you have to create an account there or with the help of linked in you can continue as well!

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