how to fix add post to your story missing on instagram 2021

How To Fix Add Post To Your Story Missing on Instagram

Oh shucks! I cannot share this post what happened to my Instagram? It’s not very refreshing having this thought. Almost every user shares much content using the Instagram feature “story” if this is interrupted, oh boy here comes the chaos.

fix add post to your story missing on instagram

Instagram story is a feature seen in Instagram which helps its users to share contents of their making and others using their account. The story feature is one of the most used features of Instagram. In the Instagram story, you can share photos, videos, public polls, opinions on events, check-ins, and so on.

It becomes interesting when the feature also helps in sharing other public posts in your story. Simply click the share button under the post and add it as the story helps in posting other’s posts in your story. The majority of people use this feature in sharing love, quoting their favorite posts, promotion,s etc.

What happened really?

Recently many users started to complain about not having the “add to post” option while trying to share the post in their story.

How To Fix Add Post To Your Story Missing on Instagram?

A new Reshare Sticker has been added to the Instagram sticker area recently, now you can use this Reshare sticker to add posts to your stories.

To use this new Reshare sticker on Instagram, Tap on the + button or swipe left to open stories and tap on create option. then you need to select the sticker that is available on the top left side. then scroll down and select “Reshare” Sticker from there.

how to fix add post to your story missing instagram

By using the reshare sticker you will be able to select any posts fr

What causes the problem is and the solution is…

That creator may have disabled resharing option

If the creator of that post disabled story resharing feature in the story or post settings other users cant be able to add to the stories. so you may need to take a screenshot or screen record that clip and post it in your story instead.

If the users account is private

If you are trying to share a post from a private account, posts cannot be added as stories by anyone likewise it is not possible to add a story of a person whose account is private by any other person. So if you want everyone to share your story simply go to privacy settings and disable your private account and make it public.

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If your Instagram is outdated

Most of the apps update, when connected to Wi-Fi if you’re using Wi-Fi obviously your apps, will be updated to their new version but if you’re a mobile data user it is all manual update. Now if your phone has run a long distance without app update and Wi-Fi connection then there the absence of new features arises.

There is a need to keep the apps updated to feel smoothness during usage. If your Instagram is having a problem and you have a pending update you should go for the update first. Just go to the play store and check for new updates.

Some glitch in the app

If your app is dealing with some glitch from the system you can encounter the problem. You can adopt two ways in dealing with this problem either you can go for reinstalling the app or you can clear the cache of the app.

Clearing cache- Navigate to settings and locate app info in devices running in Android 10 or later you can directly get app info by pressing on the app and selecting app info. In-app info you need to select storage and then you can clear the cache of the app.

Reinstalling the app- Navigate to app info you can see uninstall directly down in the interface. Uninstall the app using the option. Now open the play store and search for Instagram click on install the app starts downloading and you can again log in to your account.

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