how to fix fortnite game chatbox not working 2021

How To Fix Fortnite Game Chatbox Not Working 2022

Here is all you need to know about fixing the Fortnite game chatbox not working issue happening on your PC and ps4 or ps5 console devices. Fortnite is a very fine game that has a bigger fan base. But nowadays the gamers are facing an issue in the game chat box, which the voice chat is not working. It is very necessary to chat with the partners while playing such a game. So we are here with a solution for this issue.

how to fix fortnite game chatbox not working

Here in this article, we will share with you the best fixes you can easily do-follow on your device and make your voice chatbox on the Fortnite game start working again!

So let’s get straight to the point,

How To Fix Fortnite Game Chatbox Not Working?

Check the settings

The first thing we have to do is to check out the setting. Go to setting and take audio. Check whether the Voice chat is on. Most probably in this case it will be off, if it is off turn it on

• Put the voice chat volume to the maximum
• Ensure the sound quality is at a higher level
• There are other settings

This is the primary thing we have to check. After ensuring this go for a game and check whether the chat issue has been fixed. If it is not let’s go through another method.

Check the server

You have to check out the game server. Through this, we can find out the connection problem of the game. You should check out the community Trello board, which is managed by the Fortnite community, they will report the issues instantaneously when they find one. Also, we can find out when it is a common issue.

Switch on/off voice chat

Enter the game and take the setting> audio> voice chat. Switch the voice chat off and apply. Then turn it back on. Try this technique for some time till it works. It may take about 5 times or more. Do try it for some time, the bug will be fixed. If you are trying out this while at a party, you just leave the party and try the method above. And rejoin the party and check it out again.

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Check the input/output devices

We have to check the input/output devices connected to the gaming system. Make sure the devices are turned on for Fortnite.

Check out the system audio settings

The next thing we have to check out is the audio settings of the gaming system you are using. For that,
• Open the sounds settings
• Click on the playback settings and select the speakers/headphones option and set it as the default option
• Then take the recording tab and select the microphone and choose your device
• Here we have a way to know whether your microphone is working. There will be an audio bar on the right side that shows the audio gain of the microphone. If the audio bar deflects, it shows that the microphone is working

Reinstall the game and get a new version

Sometimes the version of the game will affect the voice chat. So do uninstall the game and reinstall the latest version. This method is preferred if the above methods are not working. This will take more time and you have to wait for the downloading and installation.

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