how to fix snapchat not sending snaps 2021

How To Fix Snapchat Not Sending Snaps iOS/Android

Here is everything you need to know about fixing Snapchat not sending snaps on ios and on android mobile devices! If you’re an active social media user you know how frustrating it is to see a glitch in the network or system. Obviously, it is why you came to visit right? If Snapchat is having that problem I bet many will be displeased because it is used on daily basis by more than 100 million way more than many other social media apps.

how to fix snapchat not sending snaps 2021

Snapchat is basically an app for sharing moments aa pictures, short videos with a temporary existence. A Snapchat user is always ready and to click the moment when it happens. What happens when it is hindered? It is tough, right? Nope, it is simple to carry out some easy measures to come out of the situation and follow the trail that we provide.

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How To Fix Snapchat Not Sending Snaps?

There are many reasons why your Snapchat stops sending snaps either it is android or iOS it can be due to.

  • Internet problem
  • If you accidentally logged out of your account
  • Too much app cache on your mobile device
  • Server problem

If it is any of the above or some other problem there are ways to tackle it Check your internet connection If you’re using a smartphone connected to Wi-Fi try to check if the Wi-Fi is in range or working properly. If you are a mobile data user you may go to settings and check your connection speed to identify if it is the problem caused by an internet connection.

Check whether you’re logged out of the account This problem can arise if suddenly you’re logged out of your account.No problem you can type your username and password and try to sign in again.

Check app permissions

If you’re using the Snapchat app and recently opened your account you may have noticed that the app asks for permissions for media. If you did not grant permission or if the permission for media is restricted it may affect in sending of the snaps. You can solve it by clicking on the avatar icon and from there go to settings then tap on permissions there you can see if any of the features are denied the permission(Missing permissions will have a tap to enable option).

how to fix snapchat not working ios android
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Server problem

If the Snapchat server is down this may affect the app functionality you can check it on the official Snapchat page if there is any server problem.

Use force stop option

In smartphones, there is an option as force stop you can find it by continuously clicking on the app until the app info menu arrives, in-app info you can see the force stop menu at the bottom hit the option and again open the app.

Clean app cache

Clearing app cache can clear all your Snapchat app data on your phone if there is not no other visible problem you can go for clearing the cache. For clearing the cache you can go to app settings and clear the cache or you can click on the avatar icon on your Snapchat home page and from there open settings then by click on the clear cache option.

Restart you phone

If any of the above does not work out and it is not your problem it can be your phone dealing with too much stress give it relief and restart it and then open Snapchat to check whether the problem is fixed or not.


by doing all of these steps your problem will be fixed. if you still getting these errors the Snapchat server may be in maintenance. if you wait a little bit more the problem will automatically be fixed by the Snapchat team itself. also, make sure to check for updates from the app store!

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