how to Fix System Thread Exception Not Handled Code Error Windows 10

How To Fix System Thread Exception Not Handled Code Error Windows 10

Here is How you can Fix System Thread Exception Not the Handled error happening everytime on windows pc.You may think what happened to my computer? Now I am stuck in the middle of nowhere, Nope you’re not alone many Windows OS users have once encountered this problem. The problem by name is called BSOD or Blue Screen Of Death.

how to fix system thread exception not handed code error windows 10

Identifying BSOD

The blue screen clearly has a message for you it will be like “system thread exception not handled”. BSOD can appear when booting up your PC or while restarting it or even while using it.

Now, what is it?

Blue screen Death or BSOD is a common error often seen in Windows OS. The trigger to this problem can arise from a fault in your hardware, outdated or incompatible drivers mainly graphic drivers, or malware that corrupts graphic drivers. While displaying Blue screen Windows create a minidump file that contains the information about the cause BSOD.

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How To Fix System Thread Exception Not Handled Code Error?

Safe mode

Booting into safe mode is the primary step advisable when you cannot boot into Normal Windows. For that, you can carry out the following steps

Press the power button to start boot when the windows logo appears again press the start button to repeat this until the Windows Recovery Environment appears. There you can switch to Safe mode with Networking.

Now you’re caught up, aren’t you? Now we can directly hit the solution. Give a close attention to the steps below to restore your PC.

system thread exception not handled error fix windows 10 8 11 7


Troubleshoot which driver or what caused BSOD can be the first step in tackling the situation. Windows 10 blue screen has a troubleshooting option in security and maintenance in the control panel. You can troubleshoot the problem there.

Scanning for malware

As I said malware can interact with system drivers and corrupt them so it is advised to check on malware in solving the situation.

Updating drivers

If system drivers are corrupted or outdated it is to be replaced by updated drivers Proceed through the steps below to do the trick.

Right-click on the start menu and select device manager
Right-click on the device which driver shows faulty in troubleshooting. You can either select search automatically option or manually select the new version of the device driver.

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Using DISM to fix Windows


Run command prompt as administrator and type the following command DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /Scan Health and hit enter. After Windows Scanning type DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth. Now the Windows will repair all the device problems.

Rename the faulty driver
Renaming the faulty driver file can also do the trick.

For this Navigate to C:\Windows\System32\drivers then locate the faulty driver and select it and press F2, then change the extension of the file name as . old. Then restart your PC.

System restore or restoring your PC
If no other options are working for you as a last resort you may go for system restore. System restore restores your Windows to the Original version like it was when you installed it. For this you can adopt the following steps.

Navigate to Control panel
Open recovery and click on Open System Restore then click on Next and click on Finish

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