Tricks To Fix Wifi Connected But No Internet problem 2021

Tricks To Fix Wifi Connected But No Internet Issue 2021

what to do if this occurs every time on your Windows PC and laptop? Is that your reason Obviously it is right? No worries you can easily solve it by reading this. Usually, this sucks when it happens in an urgent situation. So we can ponder the ways to solve it.

Tricks To Fix Wifi Connected But No Internet Issue 2021

Why does my Wi-Fi act strangely?

It happens! Sometimes times it is not always your fault it can be because your ISP is down. You can also troubleshoot your problem if you are connected to the internet on a PC. It can be a socket error of your PC, an outdated network driver, or a connectivity problem that arose in your PC.

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what are the Tricks To Fix Wifi Connected But No Internet Issue

So let’s get straight into the point on how to fix wi-fi connected but no internet problem, But before freaking out you should check if only your PC or phone is encountering the problem or it is happening on all other devices connected to the same network.

If it is only your device having the problem you can go ahead and try the methods.

Now how to solve things nice and fast.

Winsock reset

If you’re having a socket error you can proceed with Winsock reset. The problem arises when your PC is corrupted by some downloaded malicious file. Winsock contains a computer’s configuration to internet connections. Follow the instructions to reset Winsock.

Open your command prompt in your PC then type ntesh Winsock reset catalog and hit enter then type netsh int ip reset reset.log and hit enter then type netsh int IP reset and go for entering then restart your PC and on opening again check your connectivity.

Proceed to flush your DNS Cache

You may know DNS stands for Doman Network System. DNS Cache is administered by your computer OS and runs a temporary database that holds records of recent visits to websites and data associated with it.

This data sometimes gets corrupted due to the insertion of unauthorized domain names by third-party software or some technical problems so that there arises a need to flush out the corrupted data.

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Normally DNS cache is flushed out by the device automatically but in this time we have to perform it manually. For that, you can follow the steps

Open the command prompt by pressing the windows button and type cmd and hit enter.

Type ipconfig/flushdns in the command prompt
This will initiate DNS flushing
Fixing an outdated network driver
Now the problem is with your network driver
You can check it by clicking on your driver and viewing driver information. If your driver is outdated you should update it you may proceed by the following method

Tricks To Fix Wifi Connected But No Internet Issue

Open your command prompt

Type devmgmt.msc it opens device manager then click on network adapters and right-click on network adapters then select update network driver then choose “search updates automatically” now the PC will automatically update and fix your driver problem. Another method you can use is, simply just right-click on your device from there and click on update.

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