How To Get FIFA 22 Early Access Pc 2022

Here is the How To Get Fifa 22 Early Access Pc Laptop and Xbox One and PlayStation that you are most awaited for! the FIFA 22 is really a legendary item for football lovers and fans. there will be more of your favorite teams available in this version as well.

 Get FIFA 22 Early Access Pc Laptop and Xbox
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Fifa 22 is said to be released on coming October 1st and will be available on pc by EA, Xbox, and PlayStations as well. before this release users can also try the demo version on their devices. they are offering users to play up to the first 10 hours as a trial.

During this trial time that already started on September 22 and so on users can enjoy the game and experience it seamlessly! after that if you love it very much order it as well! for the users who are done ordering this game can also get FIFA earlier than others.

In the new FIFA 22 game, they added amazing Hypermotion technology to make the gameplay next level for devices like PS5, Xbox series x, and stadia! the game experience will be much more responsive and more real looking type while comparing with the previous one

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How To Get FIFA 22 Early Access?

let’s get into the topic of how to get early access to FIFA 22,

  • To get Early Access Sign Up on EA Play First
  • After signing up that cost around 5 USD
  • After that, you can preload FIFA 22
  • You will get access to 10 hours of gameplay only per one account
  • Xbox users can use the store and PlayStation players can download it from the store as well!
  • if you are a pc user you should select the Origin from the option to download it for windows.
how to get fifa 22 early access pc laptop and xbox

Open the FIFA 22 official website sign in or create an account and tap on join ea play pro, from there select your platform correctly, please note- only 1 platform is supported to use EA play membership. after connecting your account with ea the game will be shown in the library as well, from there you can try the game for the next 10 hours without any issues. you need to complete the download and installation first before you can open and play it on your platform easily.

If you pre-order the Ultimate edition you will get access to this game 4 days after the initial release! That’s How you can get Early Access to play this game! if you have any doubts feel free to ask it down below!

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