how to buy saitama inu coin

How To Buy Saitama Inu Coin Best Easy Methods

Hello everyone! Are you looking to Buy saitama Inu Coin? by using the easy methods by using low fees right? then here is how you can simply learn the method and start investing your capital in the trending saitama inu crypto easily.

how to buy saitama inu coin easy methods

This Saitama inu coin became very trending a few days ago and in the previous 7 days, it became 300% gains. if you have bought it before 2 months with 10-20$ it would become more than 1000$+ today! the crypto analysts are saying that this Saitama inu will go much higher in the coming days.

What is Saitama Inu Coin?

The $Saitama coin token is made up using the ethereum blockchain technology which is safer for investors and investors as well. although this coin is released on May 31st, 2021 which became very popular because of its ecosystem. they say that they also added a smart technology to protect from the big whales who try to buy coins in bulk and provide protection to the normal holders.

So many people who added little amounts before already made 50x profits as of now using this Saitama inu! you may have also seen any of the holder’s videos or posts on social media like Twitter, youtube, FB, etc. that’s what everyone is now trying to buy some portion of this coin.

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So here in this post, we are gonna check how to buy the trending crypto-tokens called Saitama Inu coin by using your mobile or PC without any confusion. here is how to buy this as provided below,

How To Buy Saitama Inu Coin ( Best Easy methods)?

To Buy the new Saitama Inu coin token first of all you need to find and copy the contract address of the Saitama coin. you can simply copy it directly from the official website or use the coinmarketcap website.

To buy the Saitama Inu Token you need any of these apps,

  • Trust Wallet
  • Uniswap
  • Coin Base
  • Hotbit
  • Metamask etc

The Hotbit app can be used to buy Saitama coins more easily and it is available for both ios and android devices as well, if you are using a PC desktop or laptop you can use their desktop site too from as well! saitama coin is already listed there!

Another best methods are by using the wallet apps like Uniswap, trust wallet, metamask, etc for buying this you need to buy the Etherium ETH first to buy Saitama coin on uniswap. you can connect your coinbase wallet or meta wallet to the uniswap first. you should buy or add eth first to the metamask wallet.

how to buy saitama inu coin easy method

After connecting the meta wallet to Uniswap tap on select a token and paste the contract address right there and select import. it will automatically add the Saitama inu coin. after that, you can enter the ETH amount you want to buy the token and confirm swap.

if the transaction fails you need to adjust the slippage from the settings to 3.5% or to 5% and try again! it will show up with a pop-up with the transaction submitted. it may take some time to show up the token. to show the Saitama coin you need to add that coin to metamask from the options as well.

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