How To Do Barrel Roll 20 Times 100 Times

How To Do A Barrel Roll 20 Times and 100 Times

Are you wondering about doing Barrel Rolls on google or twice using easter eggs? or is it actually possible to do the barrel roll on google more than one time to 1000 times or more? if you wanna make pranks on your friends by using these amazing google easter eggs, you should try all of them today!

how to do a barrel roll 20 times and 100 times

You may have seen 1 time rolling when you type on google “Do a barrel roll” but on google, there are no other options available to do more than one roll. anyway, that roll looks so amazing it will make your whole desktop screen or mobile screen-roll.

after searching for this it will only make a roll of that opened tab, and other items on your desktop like taskbar on PC and notification area remains the same! when you feel bored or spend time more entertained on the internet you can also try this as well.

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Still, so many of us have doubts about can you do this do a barrel roll on google more than 1 times to 20, 100, 10000, etc. right here in this post we will try to find how you can do it easily from your mobile phone or computer.

So here is how it is,

How To Do A Barrel Roll 20 Times and 100 Times 2021?

To do a Barrel Roll 20 times or 100 times continuously without stopping you need to use another website that looks similar to google called where you can do up to or more than 10000 times! interesting right?

how to do a barrel roll 20 times and 100 times 2021

on that website, you can also check out all of the available amazing google easter eggs that you might don’t tried before. all of them can be accessible from the menu session shown at the top left corner as well. you can easily play many games from there.

here are the list of available easter eggs as shown in the screenshot

how to do a barrel roll 100 times 2021

That’s all you wanna know about making barrel Roll continuously, hope you all find this one helpful!

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