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How To Fix A Disabled iPad: Easy Method 2022

Looking for How can you Fix a Disabled iPad? here you are at the right place! Oops!! my iPad got disabled! What will I do? Wonder what will happen if your highly-priced iPad got disabled. Don’t be tensed relax there are some simple ways to tackle the situation.

An iPad becomes disabled when you enter the password wrong and tries too many attempts in order to open it. It happens when you forget your password or when children try to open your iPad by repeatedly entering the password. Don’t freak out you can fix it.

How To Fix A Disabled iPad: Easy Method

First of all, you should back up your precious data if you fear losing any of it. For that, you can proceed through the following steps

How To Fix A Disabled iPad: Easy Method 2021

Backup your data using iTunes

For this method to workout, you should use the same PC that is used to sync the iPad to iTunes. Connect iPad to the PC this will initiate the sync back up of the data with this.

After backup, you can confidently erase your data. Follow the different steps to safely erase your data
Erasing iPad using iCloud

If you safely created a backup you can remotely erase the data using the find my iPad feature in iCloud.It is usually helpful when your iPad is stolen but it also comes in handy in disabled iPads too!. To use this feature you should have set up Find my iPad. It allows the owner to remotely delete and factory reset the iPad data.

Follow through the steps to remotely delete using iCloud.

You can log in to iCloud I thought
Locate find iPhone
Then choose the iPad and use erase data option.
If your iPad is not synced to your PC hard reset can be used to remove your data.

It can be done as below

  1. Depending on whether your iPad has a home button there are two ways to erase your data. If you have an iPad with a home button you can choose the first method if not rely on the second. Press the home button and on/off button at the same time until the slider appears continue till the iPad screen turns black when it boots up with the apple logo let go of the buttons.

2. For iPads without a home button: Press on the volume down and release quickly then press on the volume up button and release quickly then press and hold on the top button until the Apple logo appears
Now good as new iPad is now Erased and ready to be restored


how to fix disabled ipad without itunes computer
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Restoring an iPad is not tricky but you should need a PC. If you do not own a PC you can borrow from your friend or something. There is no problem whether it is a Mac OS or a Windows PC iTunes app is available in both so no tension!

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Get your PC and do not forget your connecting cable! You’ll need to connect the iPad to the PC. Follow the steps to commence restoration.

Place your backup on the PC and connect the erased iPad to it.

Run the iTunes app on your PC you can find restore from this backup option on the welcome screen. Then choose the backup file and click continue.

Now sit back and relax it is what we say there is no problem without a solution. But always try not to repeat the same situation. Write us back in the comments.

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