how to fix instagram reels not uploading android ios

How To Fix Instagram Reels Not Uploading Android/IOS

It’s the new error faced by many users! so here are some methods to Fix Instagram Reels Not Uploading errors when you try to post any of the new reels to your Instagram profile. but if you add stories or photos it will be uploaded without any errors.

how to fix instagram reels not uploading android ios

when you upload reels video it shows an error on the top saying “Not posted yet and Try again! This problem only happens when the users try to post new reels videos only! it’s frustrating to many of us because making reels requires many efforts like video recording, editing, making script, and so on. it’s not an easy process to do that.

If you are looking to watch Instagram stories anonymously, try out the InstaSave tool. Only some users are getting this error right now, most of them are getting this is on android mobile devices and a few ios iPhone mobiles. if you upload reels videos regularly and make your followers entertained you must fix this issue and upload new videos without any errors.

Instagram reels were introduced to Instagram a few months ago and they became the most trending feature on Instagram, users increased using this to spend more time watching reels and creators also started making more unique content than before!

Here in this article, you can simply check all of the fixes and tricks to get rid of this not posted yet and try again crazy issue without using any advanced methods. all of the steps are really simple to follow and will fix all of your uploading errors by following any of them.

How To Fix Instagram Reels Not Uploading?

To Fix the Instagram reels not uploading and showing not posted yet not working problem, follow these methods provided below,

Try Clearing your Application Cache

Clearing the cache and data of your Instagram app might helps you to solve this error while uploading the reels. if you clear all data you will need to login into your insta account again. if you do clear cache only it will not remove the logged-in account saved in the app.

how to fix instagram reels not uploading

If this method does not work for you let’s move towards another fix,

Use VPN Apps

For us by using the BEAST VPN Pro App and after changing the current region reels got uploaded to Instagram without any errors. make sure to remove the first reel you try to upload first by tapping the three dots option and selecting discard post. only after doing that step try adding the reels video again, it will start uploading! for IOS users you can search and use any of the similar VPN apps from the app store.

Use Instagram Lite App

Using the Instagram Lite version will also solve this issue. you can use the Instagram lite app only for adding the reels because the lite version’s app experience is not good as the non-lite version. so for uploading reels, the Instagram lite will work perfectly!

Try Switching from the beta version to official built

many users on the beta version of Instagram have been facing this issue, so you can simply switch to the non-beta version from the play store. it’s very simple to do it. all you have to do is open the play store and search for Instagram and open it. then scroll down a little bit and there tap on leave beta.

After doing this wait for some time and open the app page again on the play store. from there remove/uninstall the app and do a fresh install! your problem will be fixed.

From now on the majority of the users are not getting this error after the new update, although if you still facing this problem these fixes will help you!

that’s How To Fix Instagram Reels Not Uploading problems easily on your mobile device! hope your issue has been fixed by trying these steps! feel free to ask any doubts in the comments.

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