how to get rainbow vari loomian legacy roblox

How To Get Rainbow Vari In Loomian Legacy

In the new update of loomian legacy, The Rainbow Vari event has been rolled out, and a new rare item called Rainbow vari the fastest is now available to claim for the players. but collecting this item is very hard and lucky as well.

get rainbow vari loomian legacy

To get this new Rainbow vari, you have to do some specified tasks very carefully in a precise manner and have only less chance of getting the item. only 3 of the varies unlocks every 3 hours on the server. many content creators and YouTubers are giving away this to the users as another method. but there are only fewer chances of winning these giveaways!

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Loomian Legacy is an RPG-based Adventure Roblox game created in 2015, which contains great stories, explore things, trade, fights, etc. here you need to find different types of loomians (different types of animal types creatures).

How To Get Rainbow Vari in Loomian Legacy Roblox?

so let’s check out how you can find this Rainbow Vari and its requirements,

it would be best if you did a bounty hunt on the game in the specified location provided in the task on the same day is required. also, you have to capture the looming which has the exact similar characteristics, size, and stats as mentioned. on the Active Bounty, it will show up the loomain you want to capture and its abilities as well.

also by catching one loomian which has 2 characteristics and one matches the mentioned one, it will be accepted as well! right now the bounty changes in 3 hours on the server. almost 20k+ players are playing this in real time and competition is very hard because this quest shows to every player around the world.

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because of this, the chance of getting the same item is harder than usual, so you have to be more patient and keep waiting to collect it. after 3 hours it will show another item so make sure to capture it in three hours. it is said that there will be 24 varies per day.

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