How To Make Life Goes on Duck Trend reel Tutorial

Have you noticed the new viral trends and here is how you can create this Life Goes on Duck Trend video edits in 2 minutes using the insta story! the duck trend is the new thing to try out on your new Instagram reels or on TikTok. because if you make a creative version of life goes on video in these days it will get more popular one sure.

how to make life goes on duck trend reel tutorial

People make the video using the same animated gif and music and sharing it on the social media apps like insta reels, TikTok, FB, and even found on Twitter and Reddit posts too. this life goes song has been taken by the people because of its lyrics. it looks familiar to many of our day-to-day life!

According to this trend, people show a duck walking animation in a color-changing background with this on and on and on music (Oliver tree life goes on)played in the background, it’s viral because the movement of the duck looks synced to that music as well!

This one is the new Instagram trend and you can also make it easily by only using the story feature available on the app. you don’t need to use any of the additional editing apps available like kinemaster, inshot, etc. it can be made using the gifs and stickers available right there in the options!

How To Make Life Goes on Duck Trend reel Tutorial?

You can create this video only by using the Instagram app, to make it open Instagram and swipe left or tap the + icon and select the story option first. it will open up the story camera. Now you need to hold the record button for 7-10 seconds at least.

After that tap on the stickers icon shown above, from there select the GIF Sticker. Now search for C and from the top search results you notice a yellow c with changing color as shown in the screenshot below.

how to make life goes on duck trend tutorial

Make sure to zoom in on the C gif sticker and hide the C letter to set the color-changing background. then select the Sticker> Gifs and search for “Duck”. in the results you will get the exact one as seen in the videos. tap on it to add it as the overlay to that background. that look’s so amazing!

Once you add that image you can adjust the size and move it to anywhere you like, in some videos users add more than one as well by following the same steps. but videos with one bird are better than that versions. also, you can add any of the texts to the video using the text feature shown next to the stickers icon shown above.

After adding all of the background and duck gifs, also don’t forget to add the right music to the work you have created on the insta story. to add music select stickers>music and search for “Life goes on” and select duration of 43:00 seconds now you have done everything.

After doing all of the steps tap on the download button to save the video to your mobile device. if you want to add it to your story directly click on the send to and process to add to the story! it’s a really simple tutorial that can be followed by anyone who is a beginner also!

hope you all found this helpful! som many people also want to see the original song also here you can watch it also! for any suggestions you can ask below!

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