Top 7 Reasons Why The iPhone Sucks 2022

Have you ever wanted to know the Reasons Why The iPhone Sucks? if you are going to buy an ios device or thinking about switching from your current android device, this article might be helpful for you! before you are going to buy iPhone make sure to check all of the usability of apple device and its ecosystem first.

top 7 reasons why the iphone sucks

Sometimes iPhone users feel they are stuck at apple devices because to do something with them requires the users to purchase the apple products to work well, and all of the product prices are much higher than normal users’ expectations.

If you are an iPhone and ios user for many years and use android for the first time feels more irritating to us. and the same thing can also happen to the android user who is using android for many years. it takes time to learn the apple ecosystem and go with it.

Although both the iPhone and Android devices have their advantages and disadvantages. the iPhone-only users may state that android is bad while comparing with Apple phones. it’s wrong both devices work on different os and provides different features. we all know that while comparing android provides 10x more features and innovations than on iPhones.

Top 7 Reasons Why The iPhone Sucks 2022?

Iphones innovations take much more time to implement like Screen Hz, hast charging, liquid cooling, etc already available on android devices are now slowly implementing on iPhones. so here you can check some of the major reasons why apple’s iPhone sucks.

Price is High

The major problem for apple iPhones. While comparing with android mobile devices you can purchase android mobile with more features at a very low rate. because of this price it’s not affordable to normal people. if you go with a high-end android mobile coming out now it will not cost above the base version of the iPhone.

No External Memory Support

Like the android mobile device, they provide additional storage facilities to add memory cards and expand your limited storage space. but on iPhone, it’s not available. to get more memory you need to purchase the higher storage version of the apple phone. if you are on the base model you may feel more irritated because of low storage space.

Higher ends like 512 GB and 1 TB are better but its costs are double the amount while comparing with the base mobile. because of this issue, some users go for android mobile to enjoy higher storage space at a cheap price.

High Repair Charges

If something happens to your iPhone, to repair that issue can cost a higher amount of costs were on android you can do it at very cheap rates. apple parts cost much more huge amounts. if you are a hard user please make sure to note this and avoid putting down your phone and break the screen.

Customization Features

If you compare with the android customizations android provides more features. ios limit most of the features that are already available on android. it takes time to get that feature implemented to ios via updates.

No Fast Charging Feature

On android right now the users can change faster using the 65W fast chargers. it only takes some time to charge the device. but on iPhone, there is still only 15w charging available on iPhone 13 pro, and takes much more time to get a full charge.

Need to buy Charger Adaptor Extra

if you purchase the newer versions of iPhones like 12 pro 13 pro the charger will not be available it only comes with the phone and a lightning c cable. if you are a new user you need to purchase the adapter to charge your device separately.

But most of the android phone comes with the original charger in the box which supports fast charging as well, in some models you need to purchase the fast chargers extra.

PC connectivity and File Transfer

as like on an android device you cannot transfer files from iPhone directly using the mass storage features available on android. it requires airdrop and iTunes to do it. it’s a little bit complicated for the users.

Although there are many advantages like its design, feel, display and the camera is amazing. There are a lot more reasons also, so here are the Top Reasons Why These iPhone mobile phone sucks, hope you all like this make sure to write down your thoughts also in the comments!

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