how to make train sound reel tutorial

How To Make Trending Train Sound Reel Edit Tutorial

Did you have seen the latest videos on the Instagram reels and on Tiktok on this new trending Train sound reels video edits? on this train sound reel editing people shoes a moving train video first for about 2 seconds and shows random photos of them according to the train sound music beats.

how to make train sound reel editing tutorial

The train sound music was actually added by the user named @Kareem_afghani and went viral. the music used on the reels should be synced to the photos you add next after the video of the train. if you have watched any of them on TikTok or on Instagram reels you might feel this one so perfect, and try to create a brand new version by adding your own photos to it or any pic of others you love to make the video.

To make this type of editing video and to sync to the music beats you need to use any of the video editing apps, especially the cap cut app is used for making such types of videos. cap cut works well on both the iPhone and android mobile devices as well.

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If you do not have enough knowledge in video editing, this cap cut is the best choice for you to do this trending edit easily. so here we will also include all of the time durations you need to adjust for the photos you need to adjust to the video to sync the beats correctly.

How To Make Train Sound Reel Video Edit?

To-Do the Train Sound video by Kareem_afghani video edit you need to use video edting app called capcut on your phone. From here you can get both the music and video of the train you need to add to the editing app first. you can save these required files from here!

After that you need to add the video first and select your favorite photos from the gallery by using the import option available on the app. you can add 10 photos to make the video.

then adjust first photo duration to 0.8 seconds and all of the other photos to 0.6 seconds as well, it will perfectly fit the sound of the train. also, make sure to adjust the last 10th image duration to 0.4 as well. here you can check out this video provided below as well.

This is how you can easily make the train sound reels editing using your mobile phone in a few minutes, so now you can do it simply!

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