wcw mcm means on snapchat

What Does WCW And MCM Means On Snapchat

Are you wondering What this WCW And MCM Mean On Snapchat? What? Looks like again I can’t figure out what it means! If you’re reading this article maybe you’re thinking like this but don’t worry we will explain what it means.

what does wcw and mcm means on snapchat

Snapchat has founded in 2011 thanks to Evan Speigel and Bobby Murphy. Basically, it is a free social networking or messaging app available on both Android and iOS platforms. Snapchat allows people to share the moment like pictures, and short videos that are temporary and disappear once you see them.

Oh! What will I do if I want to see those again? Don’t worry you can use the memory feature to review it. Most users of Snapchat are in their 20s or 30s but their age is only a number the app is so popular that most smartphone users are head-on heels with it.

It may be an understatement if you say Snapchat is only for silly people the app also offers some other cool stuff too like gaming, video or photo editing tools, news, and entertainment.

What Does WCW And MCM Means On Snapchat

Now to the point..

What is WCW on Snapchat?

Introducing new terminologies and abbreviations is not a new thing to social media but this became viral after originating from snap chat and then to other social media. If you’re a Snapchat user you may be familiar with GMS, SFS like this WCW is another abbreviation that a Snapchat user should be aware of WCW simply means Women Crush Wednesday. The hashtag #WCW is seen with the posts of a person’s woman crush, a celebrity or an important person in his/her life.

what does wcw and mcm meaning on snapchat

Now you may have guessed the pics are posted on Wednesday sometimes people post pictures with their women crush or sometimes simply their photos, there is no specific rule for posting pictures. The photos are selected by the users of those who they felt crush on any day of the week and post them on Wednesday. Users have invented many uses for the abbreviation mostly used as an adjective.

You may notice WCW is also the abbreviation of World Championship Wrestling. But this is Snapchat it means different here.

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What is MCM mean on Snapchat?

Is it another term that you miss? It is a piece of cake MCM is Man Crush Monday and you can guess it right posts are based on Man who the person has a crush on. Posted on Monday #MCM carries many famous male personalities, gym buddies, BFFs, and a lot more.

Looks like it is not hard to catch up staying tuned to recent events makes us accepted in the trend. You may like to upload any of your crushes whether it is an MCM or a WCW just open your Snapchat swipe to the camera screen then towards your left-hand side you can see a gallery button click on it then you get access to the memory section if you want to upload from the camera roll you may swipe towards camera roll option on top and select the photo and nicely edit it with the suitable hashtag and upload to the public.

It seems a piece of cake right? It always is! for any suggestions, you can ask it down in the comments session!

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